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  • NLP Series Church bass walks
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Package Deal (25% Savings)

Are you serious about your playing? This package contains 3 DVDs that will enhance your playing.  The 1st DVD is for beginners but it will teach you techniques you need to know in order to get to the next level.  The 2nd DVD is for intermediate or advance musicians.  This DVD is packed with several chords that will add to your arsenal.  The last DVD is for advance musicians and it will have shouting as well as playing by the end of this DVD.  So if you want the theory, the phat chords, simple teaching and your serious about your playing then this package deal is for you.

**Digital Download only

Price: $69.99 (25% savings)


VA Music Shed DVD Vol. 1



  • Church Shed
  • Church Shed Breakdown
  • Rhodes Shed
  • Piano Shed
  • Rhodes & Piano Shed Breakdown
  • God Has Smiled on Me Rhodes
  • God Has Smiled on Me Piano
  • God Has Smiled on Me Breakdown
  • Bonus R&B track
  • R&B track Breakdown
  • Worship Chords
  • Worship Chords Breakdown
If you like jazz, church, neo-soul, R&B, or worship then this DVD is for you.  This 2.5 hour DVD is designed to show you what other musicians hold back.  This DVD is not for beginners but for intermediate to advance keyboardist.  There is a full breakdown for each section of the DVD.  There are midi files that you can use to capture every chord and run that are taught on this DVD.

Price: $31.99


Available by Digital Download only

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Clip 3

Strictly for Beginners DVD



  • Major Scale
  • Major Chords
  • Major 9 chords
  • Minor chords
  • Minor 9 chords
  • Augmented & Diminished chords
  • Tritones
    Listen for the Key
  • Circle of 5ths
  • 2-5-1 chord progression
  • 7-3-6 chord progression
  • Song: Thank You Lord

Strictly for Beginners DVD

Designed for individuals with little to no background in keyboarding, this DVD walks viewers through the basics of learning to play the keyboard. Topics include major scale, major chords, minor chords, worship chords, practice routines and much much more! With over 2 hours of instruction, you’ll be playing at an intermediate level by the end.

Whether you’ve been playing for years with no formal training or just starting in your keyboarding craft, this DVD can help you master the foundational blocks of playing the keyboard.


Price: $30.00  $15 (50% discount)
Available by digital download onlyat this time.

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Gospel Licks, Tricks & Techniques

Gospel_licks_DC - Copy

This instructional DVD titled “Gospel Licks, Tricks, and Techniques” will show you everything you been wanting to learn since you’ve started playing the keyboard and plus some.  David Cartwright is the featured musician on this DVD and he is sensational when it comes to playing the keyboard.  He has years of experience and he has played for several people in the gospel world as well as the secular world.  Have you ever heard of the R&B group 112??? He’s played for them as well as several gospel artist like Marcus Cole and Jonathan Dunn.  If you want to learn the tricks of the trade in gospel music then you have come to the right place.  He not only shows licks but the techniques behind them so it will make it easier for you to remember and play.

Note: For Intermediate to Advance Musicians

Price $31.99


Available by Digital Download only

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Clip 2
Clip 3
Clip 4


  • Opening Song
  • Worship Groove
  • Worship Groove Breakdown
  • CCM Worship
  • CCM Worship Breakdown
  • Shout 1
  • Shout 2
  • Shout Breakdown
  • Different Licks Breakdown
  • Worship Chords
  • Worship Chords Breakdown
  • Talk Music and Breakdown