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2-5-1 MovementsGabriel Hatcher II ClipLINK
7-3-6 MovementsJarrell Little on keys ClipLINK
A Change Is Going To ComeSam Cooke ClipLINK
A God Like YouKirk FranklinClipLINK
Again I Say RejoiceIsrael and New Breed ClipLINK
Agnus Dei ClipLINK
All About YouAnita Wilson ClipLINK
All In His Hands ClipLINK
All In His HandsNate Bean ClipLINK
Alpha and OmegaSounds of New Breed ClipLINK
Always Remember
*midi file included
David Cartwright on keys ClipLINK
AmazingRicky Dillard ClipLINK
Amazing Grace (Traditional) ClipLINK
And We Are GladJoe Pace ClipLINK
Any Day NowVincent Bohanan ClipLINK
AriseWilliam Murphy ClipLINK
AwesomeCharles Jenkins ClipLINK
Awesome God Shekinah Glory ClipLINK
Back II EdenDonald Lawrence ClipLINK
BattlefieldNorman Hutchins ClipLINK
Be GlorifiedTD Jakes ClipLINK
Be GratefulWalter Hawkins ClipLINK
Because He Lives (Hymn) ClipLINK
Because of the Blood Ricky Dillard ClipLINK
Because of Who You AreBishop Paul S. Morton ClipLINK
BettahJonathan Nelson ClipLINK
BetterHezekiah Walker ClipLINK
Better Than ThatPhil Tarver ClipLINK
BigFull Gospel Baptist Church ClipLINK
Bless the LordTye Tribbett (Victory Album) ClipLINK
Bless the Lord Oh My SoulJudith McAllister ClipLINK
Bless the Lord With Me
Darwin Hobbs ClipLINK
Bless The Lord With Me West Angeles Style ClipLINK
Bless The Name Of The LordEarl Bynum ClipLINK
Blessed Fred Hammonds ClipLINK
Blessin' Me

Avery Sunshine ClipLINK
Blessing MeBishop Larry Trotter Clip
Blessings of Abraham Donald Lawrence ClipLINK
Bow DownBishop Paul S. Morton ClipLINK
Bread of Heaven
Fred Hammonds ClipLINK
Break Every Chain
Tasha Cobbs ClipLINK
Brighter DayKirk Franklin ClipLINK
Building A ShoutDavid Cartwright ClipLINK
By and ByKenneth Martin ClipLINK
Call Him UpKeith Pringle ClipLINK
Calling My Name Hezekiah Walker ClipLINK
CelebrateHezekiah Walker ClipLINK
Celebrate The KingRicky Dillard ClipLINK
ChangeTramaine Hawkins ClipLINK
Change MeTamela Mann ClipLINK
Chasing After You Bishop Paul S. Morton ClipLINK
Chord SubstitutionsJeremiah Chaney ClipLINK
Church VampsDavid Cartwright ClipLINK
Churchy Piano MovementsJeremiah Chaney ClipLINK
Clark Sister's Shout/Praise (The Sky Is The Limit)David Cartwright ClipLINK
Come Thou Almighty KingTimothy Wright ClipLINK
Congregational Songs Part 2Gabriel Hatcher II ClipLINK
Congregational Songs PianoDavid Cartwright ClipLINK
Consider It DoneRicky Dillard ClipLINK
Crazy PraiseMonique Walker ClipLINK
Create in Me Lawrence Matthews ClipLINK
Deliver MeDonald Lawrence ClipLINK
Different Sounds
*midi file included
David Cartwright on keys ClipLINK
Different Ways to End a SongDavid Cartwright ClipLINK
Disney Chords
*midi file included
David Cartwright ClipLINK
Do Not Pass Me ByRicky Dillard ClipLINK
Don't CryKirk Franklin ClipLINK
Don't Do It Without MeBishop Paul S. Morton ClipLINK
Don't Take Your Joy AwayKirk Franklin ClipLINK
Dope TurnaroundsDavid Cartwright ClipLINK
Dwell Among Us
Shekinah Glory ClipLINK
Ear Training (Relative Pitch)David Cartwright ClipLINK
Embellishing Songs Part 1Gabriel Hatcher II ClipLINK
Embellishing Songs Part 2Gabriel Hatcher II ClipLINK
Embellishing Songs Part 3David Cartwright ClipLINK
Embellishing Songs Part 4David Cartwright ClipLINK
Embellishing Songs Part 5Jarrell Little ClipLINK
EmmanuelNorman Hutchins ClipLINK
Encourage Yourself
Donald Lawrence ClipLINK
Endow MeThe Clark Sister's ClipLINK
Even Me Patrick Lundy ClipLINK
Every PraiseHezekiah Walker ClipLINK
Every Praise RemixBates Memorial ClipLINK
Everybody Clap Your Hands Joshua's Troops Clip
Everybody DancingJudith McAllister ClipLINK
Everybody Ought To Know ClipLINK
Everyday Is A Day of ThanksgivingAlvin Willis ClipLINK
Everything Tye Tribbett ClipLINK
Expect the GreatJonathan Nelson ClipLINK
Faithful is Our God Hezekiah Walker ClipLINK
Falling In Love Jonathan Butler ClipLINK
Falling In Love With JesusJonathan Butler ClipLINK
FavorKaren Clark Sheard ClipLINK
Favor (Ain't Fair) Vashawn Mitchell ClipLINK
Fill Me Up Casey J ClipLINK
Finish Strong
Jonathan Nelson ClipLINK
Flow To YouBishop Paul S. Morton ClipLINK
For Every MountainKurt Carr (Jarrell Little on keys) ClipLINK
For My GoodJudah Band ClipLINK
For Your GloryTasha Cobbs ClipLINK
FreeNatalie Wilson (GJ Hatcher on keys) ClipLINK
Eddie James ClipLINK
Fresh WindMarvin Sapp ClipLINK
Friend of GodIsrael and New Breed ClipLINK
Funky Church on PianoDavid Cartwright ClipLINK
Gain The WorldJames Hall ClipLINK
Get Right ChurchNeal Roberson ClipLINK
Give Me YouShana Wilson ClipLINK
Give Thanks (With A Grateful Heart) ClipLINK
Glory & PraiseCogic International Music Department ClipLINK
Glory Glory (devotional) ClipLINK
Glory to Glory Fred Hammonds
Glory To The Highest
Bishop Noel Jones (David Cartwright on keys) ClipLINK
Glory to Your NameByron Cage ClipLINK
God Be With You (Benediction) ClipLINK
God Didn't Give Up on MeDeitrick Haddon ClipLINK
God Favored Me Hezekiah Walker ClipLINK
God Has Smiled On MeJames Cleveland ClipLINK
God is Great Ricky Dillard ClipLINK
God Is Great (Leap)David Daughtery ClipLINK
God Is In ControlJames Hall ClipLINK
God is My Everything Chicago Mass Choir ClipLINK
God Is Sovereign Darrel Harris ClipLINK
God Wants A Yes
James Hall ClipLINK
God Will Bring You OutJoe Leavell & The St. Stephens Temple Choir ClipLINK
God's Got a Blessing Norman Hutchins ClipLINK
God's Will is What I WantNew G and Ricky Dillard ClipLINK
Going Up YonderWalter Hawkins ClipLINK
Gospel Techniques ClipLINK
Gospel Techniques 2 ClipLINK
Gospel Techniques 3ClipLINK
Gospel Techniques 4th Edition ClipLINK
Gospel Techniques 5th Edition ClipLINK
Gospel Techniques 6 ClipLINK
Gospel Techniques 7 ClipLINK
Gospel Techniques 8Gabriel Hatcher ClipLINK
Gospel Techniques 9David Cartwright ClipLINK
Gospel Walk UpsGJ Hatcher on keys ClipLINK
GraceRicky Dillard ClipLINK
Great and Mighty Byron Cage ClipLINK
Great Is Your MercyDonnie McClurkin ClipLINK
Great JehovahJJ Hairston ClipLINK
Great Praise Stephen A. Hurd ClipLINK
Groove 1 BreakdownDavid Cartwright ClipLINK
Groove 2 BreakdownDavid Cartwright ClipLINK
Groove 3 BreakdownDavid Cartwright ClipLINK
Hang OnGEI & Kierra Sheard ClipLINK
Happy Tasha Cobbs ClipLINK
He Has Done Marvelous ClipLINK
He Has His Hands On You
Marvin Sapp ClipLINK
He Is Lord ClipLINK
He ReignsVincent Bohanan ClipLINK
He Reigns ForeverBrooklyn Tabernacle Choir ClipLINK
He Turned It Ricky Dillard ClipLINK
He Wants It All Forever Jones ClipLINK
He Was There All The TimeJames Moore ClipLINK
He Will Supply
Kirk Franklin ClipLINK
He's A KeepaRodney Bryant ClipLINK
He's Able Darwin Hobbs ClipLINK
He's AbleKirk Franklin ClipLINK
He's An On Time God
Dottie Peoples ClipLINK
He's Been Good Norman Hutchins ClipLINK
He's Worthy Youthful Praise ClipLINK
HealingRichard Smallwood ClipLINK
Help Me Joshua Troops ClipLINK
Here I Am Marvin Sapp ClipLINK
High Praise (Updated)Judith McAllister ClipLINK
His Blood Still Works
Vashawn Mitchell ClipLINK
His Eyes Is On the Sparrow ClipLINK
Hold On
New Direction ClipLINK
Hold to God's Unchanging Hands ClipLINK
Holy, Holy, Holy ClipLINK
How Excellent Reharm (Perfect Praise)Walt Whitman ClipLINK
How Great Is Our GodTodd Galberth ClipLINK
How it used to be Kirk Franklin ClipLINK
How Much We Can BearHezekiah Walker ClipLINK
How to play piano and rhodes together ClipLINK
I AgreeJonathan Nelson ClipLINK
I Almost Let Go
Kurt Carr ClipLINK
I Am James Fortune ClipLINK
I Believe James Fortune and Fiya ClipLINK
I Call You Holy
Donnie McClurkin ClipLINK
I Can Depend On God David Cartwright on keys ClipLINK
I Can Go To The RockChicago Mass Choir ClipLINK
I Can Only Imagine
Tamela Mann ClipLINK
I Can't Hold ItByron Cage ClipLINK
I Choose to Worship
Wes Morgan ClipLINK
I Command My Hands ClipLINK
I Do WorshipJohn P. Kee ClipLINK
I Don't Feel No Ways Tired ClipLINK
I Don't Look Like Deon Kipping ClipLINK
I Get Joy When I Think About (church) ClipLINK
I Give Myself Away William McDowell ClipLINK
I Lift My Hands Arkansas Mass Choir ClipLINK
I Love The LordWhitney Houston
(Richard Smallwood)
I Love to Praise Him
The Mississippi Mass Choir ClipLINK
I Love You Lord Today (Improv) ClipLINK
I Made It
Meaghan Williams ClipLINK
I Need Thee Every HourHymn ClipLINK
I Need YouTye Tribbett ClipLINK
I Need You Now
Smokie Norful ClipLINK
I Need Your Glory
Earnest Pugh ClipLINK
I Praise Your NameMyron Williams ClipLINK
I Really LoveNorman Hutchins ClipLINK
I Really Love The Lord ClipLINK
I Shall Wear A Crown Thomas Whitfield ClipLINK
I SmileKirk Franklin ClipLINK
I Still Have Joy Tye Tribbett ClipLINK
I Surrender AllDavid Cartwright ClipLINK
I Survived ItRicky Dillard ClipLINK
I Told the Storm
Greg O' Quin n' Joyful Noyze ClipLINK
I Trust YouJames Fortune and Fiya ClipLINK
I Want to Say Thank You
Lisa Page Brooks ClipLINK
I Will Bless the Lord Smokie Norful ClipLINK
I Will Bless The LordHezekiah Walker ClipLINK
I Will Bless The LordJoe Pace ClipLINK
I Will Bless Thee Oh Lord ClipLINK
I Will Exalt YouHillsong ClipLINK
I Will Give You the Praise Youthful Praise ClipLINK
I Will Sing Unto the Lord Judith McAllister ClipLINK
I Will Trust In The Lord ClipLINK
I Won't Go Back William McDowellClipLINK
I'd Rather Have JesusDallas Fort-Worth Mass Choir ClipLINK
I'll Make ItHezekiah Walker ClipLINK
I'll Say Yes Lord (Yes Lord, Yes) ClipLINK
I'm All In Maranda Curtis ClipLINK
I'm BlessedCharlie Wilson ClipLINK
I'm Going AwayColorado Mass Choir ClipLINK
I'm Not Tired YetMississippi Mass Choir ClipLINK
I'm So Glad Jesus Lifted Me ClipLINK
I'm Still Here
Williams Brothers ClipLINK
I'm Still Here (Solo)Dorinda Clark-Cole ClipLINK
I'm Still Here (Song)Dorinda Clark-Cole ClipLINK
I've Got A Reason
Hezekiah Walker ClipLINK
I've Got FavorNew Direction ClipLINK
I've Got The VictoryRicky Dillard ClipLINK
If It Had Not Been (midi file included)
InWilliam McDowell ClipLINK
In Christ AloneAdrienne Liesching & Geoff Moore ClipLINK
In the Midst of It All Yolanda Adams ClipLINK
In The Name Of Jesus (midi file included)
In The Presence Of A King Donald Lawrence ClipLINK
In The SanctuaryKurt Carr ClipLINK
Incredible GodYouthful Praise ClipLINK
Intentional Travis Greene ClipLINK
Invitation Byron Cage ClipLINK
It Ain't Over Maurette Brown-Clark ClipLINK
It Is For Me
The Miami Mass Choir ClipLINK
It's About Time for a Miracle Beverly Crawford Clip
It's Another Days Journey ClipLINK
It's Only A TestBishop Larry D. Trotter ClipLINK
It's Working
William Murphy ClipLINK
It's Your SeasonNorman Hutchins ClipLINK
Jesus Be A FenceFred Hammond ClipLINK
Jesus I Love YouJohnathan Nelson ClipLINK
Jesus I Won't ForgetMilton Brunson ClipLINK
Jesus Is My HelpHezekiah Walker ClipLINK
Jesus Is the Reason
Kirk Franklin ClipLINK
Jesus Jesus JesusTimothy Wright ClipLINK
Jesus Medley Donnie McClurkin ClipLINK
Jesus Promised
Chicago Mass Choir ClipLINK
Jesus Saved The DayVincent Bohanon ClipLINK
Jesus Will Joshua's Troops ClipLINK
Jesus WillAnita Wilson ClipLINK
Jesus Will Work It Out ClipLINK
Jireh Elevation & Maverick City ClipLINK
JoyVashawn Mitchell ClipLINK
Joy MedleyElder RD Cooper ClipLINK
Joy To The World
David Cartwright on keys ClipLINK
Just A Closer Walk With Thee ClipLINK
Just ComeJoe Pace ClipLINK
Just Having ChurchChester Baldwin ClipLINK
Just Want YouTravis Greene ClipLINK
Keep Your Loving Arms Around Me Rev. Milton Brunson ClipLINK
Keeps On Doing Great ThingsDavid Cartwright ClipLINK
King of GloryTodd Dulaney ClipLINK
Know JesusJovonta Patton ClipLINK
L.O.V.E Joshua's Troops ClipLINK
Lay It DownTroy Sneed ClipLINK
Lead Me, Guide Me ClipLINK
Learn to Play In Every Key Part 1Jeremiah Chaney ClipLINK
Learn to Play In Every Key Part 2Jeremiah Chaney ClipLINK
Let Go and Let God Dewayne WoodsClipLINK
Let It RainBishop Paul S. Morton ClipLINK
Let It Snow ClipLINK
Let the Church Say Amen
Marvin WinansClipLINK
Let's Take A StandVincent Bohanan ClipLINK
Liberating Worship MovementsDavid Cartwright ClipLINK
Lift Every Voice ClipLINK
Lift Him Up Hezekiah Walker ClipLINK
Like the Dew Judith McAllister ClipLINK
Lion of JudahBeverly Crawford ClipLINK
Live Through It
James Fortune ClipLINK
Living He Loved MeCarlton Pearson ClipLINK
Look Where He's Brought Me From (Traditional) ClipLINK
Lord Do ItHezekiah Walker ClipLINK
Lord Have Your Way Joe Pace ClipLINK
Lord I Lift Your Name On High ClipLINK
Lord I'm Available ClipLINK
Lord of AllJJ Hairston ClipLINK
Lord Prepare Me to be a Sanctuary Bishop Charles E. Blake & West Angeles Cogic Mass Choir ClipLINK
Lord You Are AwesomeWilliam MurphyClipLINK
Lord You Are GoodIsrael and New Breed ClipLINK
Lord You Are Good Todd Galberth ClipLINK
Lord You Are GoodJeremiah Chaney ClipLINK
Lord You Are WelcomeBishop Clarence McClendon ClipLINK
Lord You're Mighty
Youthful Praise ClipLINK
Lord You're Worthy New Direction ClipLINK
Made A WayTravis Greene ClipLINK
Made to WorshipMyron Williams ClipLINK
Make Me Over Tonex ClipLINK
ManifestBishop T.D. Jakes ClipLINK
Mary Did You Know ClipLINK
Melodies From Heaven Kirk Franklin ClipLINK
Mighty You AreThe Walls Group ClipLINK
Miracle WorkerJJ Hairston ClipLINK
More Lawrence Flowers ClipLINK
More Abundantly Ricky Dillard ClipLINK
More Than AnythingLamar Campbell ClipLINK
More Than I Can Bear
Kirk Franklin ClipLINK
Movie Music/ Talk Music ClipLINK
Moving Forward
Hezekiah Walker ClipLINK
My Faith Looks Up to Thee (Hymn) ClipLINK
My Hands Are Lifted UpJamel Strong ClipLINK
My Heart Says Yes
Troy Sneed ClipLINK
My Help Is In The Name of the LordNew Zion Temple ClipLINK
My LibertyBridgette Hurt ClipLINK
My Life, My Love, My All Kirk Franklin ClipLINK
My Name is Victory Jonathan Nelson ClipLINK
My Praise is My Weapon
My Soul Has Been AnchoredDouglas Miller ClipLINK
My WorshipPhil Thompson ClipLINK
My Worship is for Real Bishop Larry Trotter ClipLINK
Near the Cross ClipLINK
Never Be DefeatedRich Tolbert Jr. ClipLINK
Never Would Have Made It Marvin Sapp ClipLINK
New York Chi Town Medley William Smith Jr. and Renewed Voices for Christ ClipLINK
No One Else Smokie Norful ClipLINK
No One Like YouChris & Kyle ClipLINK
No Other Choice Tye Tribbett ClipLINK
No Reason To FearJJ Hariston and Youthful Praise ClipLINK
No Way Tye Tribbett ClipLINK
Nobody GreaterVashawn Mitchell ClipLINK
Nobody Like You Lord Maranda Curtis ClipLINK
None Like YouMarvin Sapp ClipLINK
Nothing Without YouJason Nelson ClipLINK
Now Behold The LambKirk Franklin ClipLINK
O Come All Ye Faithful *midi file includedDavid Cartwright on keys ClipLINK
O Holy Night ClipLINK
Oh Give Thanks Judith McAllister ClipLINK
Oh Give ThanksVincent Bohanon ClipLINK
Oh Happy Day Edwin Hawkins ClipLINK
Oh How I Long To Worship YouDarrel Harris ClipLINK
Oh How I Love Jesus ClipLINK
Oh How Precious Kathy Taylor ClipLINK
Oh How We Love YouPreashea Hilliard ClipLINK
Oh Lord We Praise You Hezekiah Walker ClipLINK
Oh Mary Don't You Weep ClipLINK
Oil of the LordKevin Lemons ClipLINK
One God Maurette Brown-Clark ClipLINK
One More Chance
Ricky Dillard ClipLINK
Only You Are HolyDonnie McClurkin ClipLINK
Order My StepsAl Hobbs ClipLINK
Our Father You Are Holy
Our God
Micah Stampley ClipLINK
Over and Over Vashawn Mitchell & Thee Ensemble ClipLINK
OverflowWilliam Murphy ClipLINK
Pass Me NotDouglas Miller ClipLINK
Perfect Peace
Earnest Pugh ClipLINK
Phatchordz (7-3-6 Movements)Gabriel Hatcher II ClipLINK
Piano Modes ClipLINK
Playing Behind Soloist (I Know Who Holds Tomorrow) ClipLINK
Popular Shouting MovementsDavid Cartwright ClipLINK
Possess the Land Marvin Sapp ClipLINK
Power Belongs to God
Hezekiah Walker ClipLINK
Powerful God
Youthful Praise ClipLINK
Praise Him in Advance Marvin Sapp ClipLINK
Praise Him Traditional ClipLINK
Praise is What I Do ClipLINK
Praise Is What I Do SoloDavid Cartwright ClipLINK
Praise to the Lord the Almighty ClipLINK
Praises Go UpGeneen White ClipLINK
Prayer of Jabez Donald Lawrence ClipLINK
Prayer Will Change ThingsKeyla Richardson ClipLINK
Preaching Chords In Ab
Preaching Chords in Bb Eric Catron on Keys ClipLINK
Preaching Chords In Eb
David Cartwright on Keys ClipLINK
Precious Jesus Thomas Whitfield ClipLINK
Press In Your Presence Shana Wilson ClipLINK
Proverbs 3Todd Dulaney ClipLINK
Pulling Me ThroughTodd Dulaney ClipLINK
Put A Praise On It Tasha Cobbs ClipLINK
Putting Life Into IntrosGabriel Hatcher II ClipLINK
Rain On Us Earnest Pugh ClipLINK
Rain On UsJohn P. Kee ClipLINK
Reckless LoveCory Asbury ClipLINK
Restored J Moss ClipLINK
Revelation 19 ClipLINK
Riffs and RunsJason Gordon ClipLINK
Right Now Praise Jonathan Nelson ClipLINK
RoyaltyByron Cage ClipLINK
Run and Tell ThatBishop Michael V. Kelsey ClipLINK
Safe In His ArmsRev. Milton Brunson ClipLINK
Search Me
Kevin Lemons and Higher Calling ClipLINK
Search Me Lord Ricky Dillard ClipLINK
Search Me Lord IntroRicky Dillard ClipLINK
See The LightTravis Greene ClipLINK
Set the Atmosphere
Kurt Carr ClipLINK
Set Worship Atmosphere ClipLINK
Shake The Devil Off Dorothy Norwood ClipLINK
Shake the Foundation
Joe Pace ClipLINK
Shifting The AtmosphereJason Nelson ClipLINK
Shout 2 With JeremiahJeremiah Chaney ClipLINK
Shout In Eb
*midi file included
David Cartwright on keysClipLINK
Shout Intros In F ClipLINK
Shout With Jeremiah PianoJeremiah Chaney ClipLINK
Shout/ Praise Break in Ab ClipLINK
Silent Night Advance (Christmas) ClipLINK
Silent Night Intermediate (Christmas)
Silver and GoldKirk Franklin ClipLINK
SmileJonathan Nelson ClipLINK
So Many Wonderful ThingsBishop Larry Trotter ClipLINK
Soloing Techniques 1Vincent Alexander ClipLINK
Something About the Name JesusKirk Franklin ClipLINK
Soon and Very Soon ClipLINK
Soul Will SingTravis Greene ClipLINK
Souled Out
Hezekiah Walker ClipLINK
Sovereign God Maurette Brown Clark ClipLINK
Speak Into My Life Micah Stampley ClipLINK
Speak to My HeartDonnie McClurkin ClipLINK
Spirit Break Out (Remix)William McDowell ClipLINK
Spiritual Donald Lawrence ClipLINK
Stand Donnie McClurkin ClipLINK
Andre Jones & Sacred Assembly ClipLINK
Still Standing Israel and New Breed ClipLINK
StompShekinah Glory Ministry ClipLINK
SuddenlyNew Birth ClipLINK
Sweet Holy Spirit Bishop Larry Trotter ClipLINK
Take It Back Dorinda Clark-Cole ClipLINK
Take Me To The King Tamela Mann Clip
Take My Hand
Fred Hammonds ClipLINK
Talk Music C#/Db ClipLINK
Talk Music in AJeremiah Chaney ClipLINK
Talk Music in Ab ClipLINK
Talk Music in BbGJ Hatcher on keys ClipLINK
Talk Music in C
*midi file included
Jarrell Little on keys ClipLINK
Talk Music In Eb
*midi file included
David Cartwright on keys ClipLINK
Talk Music in F
Eric Catron ClipLINK
Tell It by Georgia Mass Choir
*midi file included
Daivd Cartwright on keys ClipLINK
Thank You Lord Walter Hawkins ClipLINK
The Anthem William Murphy ClipLINK
The Battle Is Not YoursYolanda Adams ClipLINK
The Best in MeMarvin Sapp ClipLINK
The Best Is Yet To ComeDonald Lawrence ClipLINK
The Blood (Communion Song) ClipLINK
The Blood (Intro)James Hall ClipLINK
The Blood Still WorksMalcolm Williams ClipLINK
The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting...) ClipLINK
The First Noel ClipLINK
The Gift Donald Lawrence ClipLINK
The Great I AmEarnest Pugh ClipLINK
The Light (Updated)Ricky Dillard ClipLINK
The Lord Is Blessing Me Bishop Larry Trotter ClipLINK
The Lord Will Make A Way SomehowHezekiah Walker & Kim Burrell ClipLINK
The Lord's Prayer ClipLINK
The Name of the Lord Gaither Homecoming Friends ClipLINK
The Presence of the Lord Is HereByron Cage ClipLINK
The Struggle Is OverYouth For Christ ClipLINK
There Is No WayRicky Dillard ClipLINK
There's A Storm Out On the OceanDavid Cartwright ClipLINK
There's A War Going OnWalter Hawkins ClipLINK
Things Will Work Out Ricky Dillard ClipLINK
This ChristmasDonny Hathaway ClipLINK
This Is The Day (traditional)
*midi file included
This Is The Day (Updated)Fred Hammond ClipLINK
This Morning When I RoseMississippi Mass Choir ClipLINK
This PlaceTamela Mann ClipLINK
Till We Meet AgainKirk Franklin ClipLINK
Tis So Sweet Shea Norman ClipLINK
Tis So Sweet ClipLINK
To God Be The Glory
*midi file provided
To Our GodJudith McAllister ClipLINK
To Worship You I LiveIsrael Houghton ClipLINK
Total Praise Richard Smallwood
(GJ's Interpretation)
Trading My SorrowsIsrael and New Breed ClipLINK
Trouble In My Way Updated ClipLINK
Troubles Don't Last AlwaysRev. Timothy Wright ClipLINK
Trust MeRichard Smallwood ClipLINK
Tye Tribbett Shout
*midi file included
Unspeakable Joy Douglas Miller ClipLINK
Victory Tye Tribbett ClipLINK
Victory Belongs To JesusTodd Dulaney ClipLINK
Victory Is Mine (Church) ClipLINK
Walk Around Heaven ClipLINK
Walk In the Light ClipLINK
Wanna Be Happy?Kirk Franklin ClipLINK
WarCharles Jenkins ClipLINK
Warfare Talk Music ClipLINK
Watch Me Praise HimDeitrick Haddon ClipLINK
Way MakerMaranda Curtis ClipLINK
We Acknowledge YouKaren Clark-Sheard ClipLINK
We Are ChampionsFreddy Rodriguez ClipLINK
We Are Victorious
Donnie McClurkin ClipLINK
We Fall Down
Donnie McClurkin ClipLINK
We Have Come Into This House
We Have OvercomeIsrael and New Breed ClipLINK
We ServeJJ Hairston ClipLINK
We WinVincent Bohanan ClipLINK
We Worship Christ The LordRev. James Moore ClipLINK
We've Come This Far
by Faith
What A Friend We Have In Jesus (Hymn) ClipLINK
What A Mighty God We Serve ClipLINK
What Can I Do
Tye Tribbett ClipLINK
When I See Jesus ClipLINK
When The Battle Is OverWalter Hawkins ClipLINK
When The Saints Go To WorshipDonald Lawrence ClipLINK
When We All Get To Heaven ClipLINK
Who Else But God
Tye Tribbett and GA ClipLINK
Who Is Like the LordIsrael and New Breed ClipLINK
Why We Sing
Kirk Franklin ClipLINK
Withholding NothingWilliam McDowell ClipLINK
Won't He Do ItKoryn Hawthorne ClipLINK
Wonderful Is Your NameHezekiah Walker ClipLINK
Work On MeTonex ClipLINK
Worship Chords in C#Gabriel Hatcher II ClipLINK
Worship FlowDavid Cartwright ClipLINK
Worship Medley (I Love You Forever)
Tye Tribbett ClipLINK
Worship TechniquesDavid Cartwright ClipLINK
WorthAnthony Brown ClipLINK
WorthyShekinah Glory ClipLINK
YahwehMali Music ClipLINK
Yes I Know JesusEric Waddell ClipLINK
Yes Lord
You Alone Arkansas Mass Choir ClipLINK
You Are Kierra Sheard ClipLINK
You are God AloneMarvin Sapp ClipLINK
You Are Great Jaunita Bynum (Inspired by Jason White) ClipLINK
You Are Holy Lisa McClendon ClipLINK
You Are HolyBishop Paul S. Morton ClipLINK
You Can't Beat God Giving
*midi file included
You Deserve ItJJ Hairston & Youthful Praise ClipLINK
You Deserve My Worship
*midi file included
Chrystal Rucker (Jarrell Little on keys) ClipLINK
You Know My NameTasha Cobbs Leonard ClipLINK
You Reign
William Murphy ClipLINK
You Should Be a WitnessDemetrius West ClipLINK
You're All I Need
Hezekiah Walker & Thee Ensemble ClipLINK
You're Gonna LiveJJ Hairston ClipLINK
You're Worthy to be PraisedJudith McAllister ClipLINK
You've Been So GoodMartha Munizzi ClipLINK
Your Great NameTodd Dulaney ClipLINK
Your Love
Lawrence Flowers ClipLINK