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This instructional DVD titled “Gospel Licks, Tricks, and Techniques” will show you everything you been wanting to learn since you’ve started playing the keyboard and plus some.  David Cartwright is the featured musician on this DVD and he is sensational when it comes to playing the keyboard.  He has years of experience and he has played for several people in the gospel world as well as the secular world.  Have you ever heard of the R&B group 112??? He’s played for them as well as several gospel artist like Marcus Cole and Jonathan Dunn.  If you want to learn the tricks of the trade in gospel music then you have come to the right place.  He not only shows licks but the techniques behind them so it will make it easier for you to remember and play.

Note: For Intermediate to Advance Musicians

Price $31.99


Available by Digital Download only

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  • Opening Song
  • Worship Groove
  • Worship Groove Breakdown
  • CCM Worship
  • CCM Worship Breakdown
  • Shout 1
  • Shout 2
  • Shout Breakdown
  • Different Licks Breakdown
  • Worship Chords
  • Worship Chords Breakdown
  • Talk Music and Breakdown