• I Will Bless the Lord Remix (Organ)
  • Praise Him (Organ)
  • God Is On Our Side (Piano)
  • I Won’t Give Up (Organ)
  • I’m Still Here (Piano)
  • I Know It Was the Blood (Organ)
  • Turning Around (Piano)
  • Watch Me Praise Him (Organ)
  • 7-3-6 Movement (Organ)
  • 2-5-1 Movement (Organ)
  • Organ Solo (Organ)

Josh Orr is back for round 2.  The first masterclass only touched the service but this time he came back to finish the job.  Josh covers so much material in part 2.  This digital DVD takes another deep dive into Josh’s playing style.  If you want to get better at playing the piano or organ, then this DVD is for you.

Note: Suitable for Intermediate and Advance players

Price: $35.99

Clip 1

Clip 2

Clip 3

Clip 4