• Church Shed
  • Church Shed Breakdown
  • Rhodes Shed
  • Piano Shed
  • Rhodes & Piano Shed Breakdown
  • God Has Smiled on Me Rhodes
  • God Has Smiled on Me Piano
  • God Has Smiled on Me Breakdown
  • Bonus R&B track
  • R&B track Breakdown
  • Worship Chords
  • Worship Chords Breakdown
If you like jazz, church, neo-soul, R&B, or worship then this DVD is for you.  This 2.5 hour DVD is designed to show you what other musicians hold back.  This DVD is not for beginners but for intermediate to advance keyboardist.  There is a full breakdown for each section of the DVD.  There are midi files that you can use to capture every chord and run that are taught on this DVD.

Price: $31.99


Available by Digital Download only

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