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  • Devotion Breakdown
  • Oh Give Thanks Breakdown
  • More Than Anything & Hymns Breakdown
  • Shout Breakdown
  • JL Groove

This is what you all have been waiting for.  You wanted a breakdown of the shed vol. 2 DVD, so now you have it.  Featuring the second musician, Jarrell Little, you will explore the midwest side of gospel music along with some contemporary jazz and classical.  On this 2 hour and 50 minute DVD, Jarrell will church you twice with devotion and a shout, and then take you to the depths of worship; 6/8 style and popular gospel style.  Don’t miss your chance to learn some of the secrets of gospel music.  Get your copy today for a super low cost.

Note: For Intermediate to Advance Musicians

Price $29.99


Available by Digital Download only

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